Rugs – Lined Court & Tatami


Rug collection is made up of 9 references divided into two models, Tatami and Lined Court.

A vegan product made in Spain from a mixture of synthetic and vegetable fibres. Rugs are made from new generation matt polyamide, individually dyed and woven on a mechanical loom with a jute and polyester / cotton backing. The fabric has a density of 312,000 tufts / m2 and offers a great cut-pile look and comfort. The polyester backing is non-slip. Suitable for both domestic and commercial use.


  • Tatami: 200L 150W - 120L 80W
  • Lined Court: 150L 100W




New product


Rugs designs offer contemporary solutions which can suit to modern spaces.

Geometric designs are characterised by a visual game involving vertical and horizontal lines that intersect to give a sense of dynamism.


All The Way to Paris

Inbani’s new collection of rugs is the result of a collaboration with All The Way To Paris. A studio formed by Tanja Vibe and Petra Gendt. They have been designing for over 20 years with a guiding thread running through their work: the magic of composition.



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