Sant Fost de Campsentelles, Barcelona

Sant Fost de Campsentelles, Barcelona

LOCATION: Sant Fost de Campsentelles, Barcelona
Project: Marina Sezam 
Photographs: Gloria Solans 

Despite the structure of this bathroom was renovated just a few decades ago, the house in which it is located has four centuries of history. During the design process, it was taken into account that the space had to be pleasant and functional but at the same time it had to integrate well with the aesthetics of the rest of the house. This conditioned the choice of ceramics used, as well as the taps and the type of washbasins and wood.

The 12m2 were distributed into three areas: one for the bathroom and shower, another for the dresser, and a third for the toilet. Each of them was specifically lit to provide a pleasant sensation both day and night.

Highlighting the natural beauty of the room and facilitating its daily use were the premises with which this bathroom was designed with a contemporary style. A very old house for a modern couple.


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