Prime freestanding uhs colour coating and wood

Prime Freestanding


A versatile, elegant and functional piece valid for both single and collective use. Easily adaptable to all spaces without the need to use a substantially larger support. The mix of its geometries, joining straight with curves lines, gives the piece a light appearance and an inherent elegance that contrasts with the robustness of some of its finishes such as marble. A piece designed and carried out by perfectly fitted shapes with the intention of reducing the components to the essential, removing all superfluous elements and restricting its virtues to functionality and simplicity.


  • PR002: ø45 H15
  • PR008/PR009: ø22 H73



  • Marbre Marquina
  • Marbre Pietra Grey
  • Marbre Carrara
  • 60 colour choice Inbani Colour chart
  • RAL or NCS special colour option
  • Matt white
  • Bois S3: 8 finitions




prime freestanding washbasin technical drawing

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