Living by the park, Germany

Living by the park, Germany

LOCATION: Solingen, Germany
Concept and visualization: Teodor Vladov.
On behalf of: Pulsschlag Network GmbH.
Project: 360º vision

We’ve all seen these huge, fully glazed bathrooms, overlooking New-York’s (or some other big city’s) skyline. Sure, they are very eyecatching and generally great looking, but at the same time hardly relatable (and affordable) for most people.
With our concept for this fairly common-sized bathroom, we wanted to show, that a more down-to-earth, but still very attractive and welcoming design is very much possible: Large sized, subtly textured tiles, combined with wooden lamellae form a servicable, yet warm foundation, atop of which fine design elements, such as Inbani’s Code faucets and Grate vanity unit, provide stylish and fetching highlights. Combined with natural sunlight and a smart artificial lighting concept, the whole space shifts from an ordinary bath to a cozy, acommodating and charming modern bathroom.


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