Old Distillery apartment II

Old Distillery apartment II

Project: Old Distillery apartment II.
Typology: Apartment.
Location: Tallin, Estonia.
Interior Design Studio: Maarja Marga.
Photography: Tiina-Liina Uudam

Located in Tallinn (Estonia) is this cozy apartment placed in an old distillery in the Rotermanni area. The idea was to rescue the building and give it a contemporary look with a marked avant-garde aesthetic. The interior features a high ceiling, the result of taking advantage of the existing structure of the building, which gives spaciousness and luminosity to the space. Plastered walls that contrast with the herringbone oak floors and brass door handles remind us a little of the industrial origin of the place.

One of its most marked characteristics is the chromatic palette that, in combination with the large and small pieces that make up the furniture, gives it that avant-garde and warm air that was sought. On a background of white walls and wooden floor we find elements of bright and pure colors creating contrasts that we would not expect to see, but that masterfully applied form an environment where the elements give the composition and the color gives the sensation; as if it were an art exhibition. Orange doors and an intense green room set, blue carpets and paintings where yellow predominates, pure reds and saturated shades, we find details of color wherever we look.

In a place where the elements are as contrasting as its palette, where we find from a replica of a Miró next to a Victorian style bed of iron and bronze and a desk with a bookcase model industrial shelf, we then move to a bathroom with a more harmonious range of earth tones and elegant and soft elements that invite us to relax. Consisting of a Solidsurface bathtub in white, a Marquina Marble washbasin on a wild oak floor-standing unit and a beveled mirror. This bathroom of the Origin collection connects even more with the industrial origins of the building, as it refers to the principle of craftsmanship and industry through the different manufactures applied on wood, metal, stone or glass.


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