Inbani Offices

Inbani Offices

LOCATION: The Offices of Inbani, Alicante
Project: Francesc Rifé Studio

Inbani features its facilities designed by the hand of Francesc Rife an interior and industrial designer of which we have counted on numerous occassions with regards to the design and amazing visual use of spaces for our exhibitions.

The Starting point of this project was the wish to refurbish an industrial warehouse filled in its entirety with the aesthetic philosophy of Inbani and Francesc Rife. Relying on design of the most essential things without needing to add unnecessary materials or elements. In response to the unique condition of the building and the context of which it was built, one of the most important decisions was including the facade of the HPL Phenolic. The interior was defined by having an open space figuratively integrated with a showroom as well as working and meeting areas. With the colour white primarily being the main colour what is being provided here is a sense of the corporate language of the brand whose minimalist and clean visual features leaves us looking at the attention to detail. The lines within the illuminated alcoves are finished with an airbrushed effect with the colour black. These ideas reinforce visually the transition of various different spaces.

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