Pavilion House, United Kingdom

Pavilion House, United Kingdom

Pavilion House, United Kingdom.
Localización: Suffolk, United Kingdom.
Exterior and Interior Architects: Norm Architects
Photography: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen
Pavilion House web: Pavilion House

Pavilion House, Reino Unido. Elegantly set in the beautiful East Anglian landscape, on the border of a working farm in Suffolk (UK), the Pavilion House is a real inside-out construction. The shapes and materials of the interior all carry a certain tranquillity and simplicity, while every room offers a different glimpse of the outside. There is a certain humility within the architecture, acknowledging that the big-ticket item in the setting is indeed the countryside; it doesn’t try to compete with it, but frames it instead.

The design of the house is all about transparency; nature becomes an integral part of the interior. With a delicate and minimized steel construction, wooden window frames and a vertical cladding in local larch that corresponds with the existing structures on the site, there is a harmonious meeting between old and new buildings. The exterior part of the windows and fascia board of the roof in dark carbon grey metal make the steel as subtle and discrete as possible so that the wooden character of the house becomes the dominant expression.

In the bathrooms, darker colours have been introduced to create a sense of sanctuary and a feeling of separation from the surrounding countryside, which then becomes even more magical and picturesque when viewed through the carefully placed windows. The use of polished concrete adds a tactile sensation to the room, while acting as stimulating contrast to the warm elements of wood.

Grate single unit with one drawer in Toasted Wild Oak 503 with Prime60 matt Solidsurface round top mounted washbasin.

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